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Artikkelikuva - Jenni Kurvinen, Pinnacle@Duxton, Singapore

How nice that you have found your way to my travel blog Unelmatrippi! The writer of this blog is me, Jenni Kurvinen. The name of the blog, Unelmatrippi, translates to Dream Trip.

Besides being a travel blogger based in Finland, I am also a communications professional, news and social media junkie, passionate about snapping photographs and a true friend of espionage stories and tasty beer.

The travel bug has bitten me for good, so I am constantly making travel plans for round trips, road trips, visits to small and unknown towns, easily achievable nature destinations and big cities. Unelmatrippi is a travel blog about my journeys near and far from home: I have written about an eight-month-long trip around the world, various road trips all over the world plus city escapes and camping trips in Europe, and much more. The blog is in Finnish, and my home town is Helsinki.

I travel mostly independently, meaning that I plan and reserve my travels on my own, and only rarely choose ready-made packages. I have travelled on all continents except Africa and Antarctica – but maybe I will someday find my way to those also. So far I have been to over 50 countries. I usually travel with my spouse who is regularly present in the pictures and articles on my blog, and who also assists me in photographing and filming.

Any means of transport on land, at sea and in the air are an option for me when needed, but there is a special place for road trips in my heart. I’m also very flexible in where to lodge, be it a tent, hotel, hostel or a camper van – as long as it’s clean enough.

The most important thing is travelling itself, exploring the world and tasting new flavors, not five-star hotels or extreme experiences. I’m an expenses-aware traveller and therefore have also written several posts about the costs of my travels.

In addition to road trips, my heart beats to round trips. They give me a chance to explore multiple destinations during the same trip and also see places and ordinary life which otherwise could be left in the dark. I’m always interested in new and unknown destinations and cultures but it’s also very nice to return to familiar places and explore them from new angles. My favorite destinations in Europe are Germany and Spain, and I also love to travel in Southeast Asia.

If you are interested in working with me, please don’t hesitate to contact me: jenni (at) unelmatrippi.fi. Read more on the page: Co-operation.

You can follow Unelmatrippi also on social media: check out my blog accounts on Instagram (in English) and Facebook (in Finnish). You’ll find me also on LinkedIn ja Twitter.